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Free download Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer V3.16.17

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer V3.16.17

Extend Visual Composer and add more power to it!

This plugin adds several premium elements in your Visual Composer on top of the built-in ones given by WPBakery. Every single element in the package is crafted with utmost attention to details and a simple objective to provide you an ultimate experience. We’ve put a lot of time and care to ensure that all the elements are flexible so that they will open limitless possibilities for you, while maintaining simplicity at the core.
This plugin is the addon for Visual Composer Page Builder

Addon Elements –

Icons – You can use this element to integrate a simple icon (font & image, both kinds) in your page and use it as you want. Or you can utilize Visual Composer grids and display a list of logos of your clients, partners, sponsors, etc.

Info Box – Perhaps, the most popular trend right now, Info Boxes truly make your website stand out helping you highlight the important things you have on offer.

Info List – Traditional HTML lists are boring, aren’t they? This elements simply re-imagines the lists. You may take an opportunity and utilize it’s cool design to show some process or simply highlight your most popular / related products, services & features.

Flip Box – This element combines the power of “Info Box” & “Call to Action” block altogether. On the front, it would look like a normal Info Box but as visitor hovers on the block, it flips with a cool CSS3 effect and shows a Call to Action section, provoking him to take a call.

Counter – Want to show your milestones, achievements and any other numeric statistics with animated numbers? This element will help!

Interactive Banner – Many times, image banners come in handy as they are very convenient and obvious way to deliver your message precisely. This element will display those image blocks in a nicer & interactive way.

Modal Popup Box – This is one of the very useful element that can go on any website. Create modal popup boxes and embed anything you wish inside the popup box through easy WYSIWYG editor.

Timeline – Display a timeline in a Facebook style or simply showcase your features, process or highlights little creatively. We have taken special efforts with custom JavaScript & CSS codes to make it as perfect as possible.

Extended Google Maps – Visual Composer comes with Google Maps element by default. But our Extended Googles Maps element uses latest APIs and allows you to do more with it. Upload marker images, write custom HTML in map info box and control everything that goes with map.

3.16.17 – 13-September-2017

– Improvement: Added modal Close icon design feature.
– Improvement: Added modal popup close on ESC key.
– Improvement: Added hover color option for button in Modal.
– Improvement: Added modal hide feature on page load for mobile/tablet devices.
– Improvement: Advance Tab navigation icon for accordion updated.
– Fix: Need to change CSS for pan style in Info banner element.
– Fix: Info circle responsive issue.

3.16.16 – 29-August-2017
– Improvement: Advanced Tab ID is now editable.
– Improvement: Link markup condition for team element need improvement.
– Improvement: Added image alignment option for image in image separator.
– Fix: Row separator tilt left right issue.
– Fix: Info-Circle does not include image in description area.
– Fix: Info-Circle animation not working properly.
– Fix: Hosted video background height issue.
– Fix: Video background placeholder images do not show up after video completes.
– Fix: Timeline right side item spacing issue.
– Fix: Timeline has html markup issue and point issue.
– Fix: Scripts Loading issue in Carousel.
– Fix: Scripts Loading issue in Fancy text.

3.16.15 – 16-August-2017
– Improvement: Added tag options for titles in Flipbox.
– Improvement: iHover style addition.
– Fix: Info List icon position in RTL should not change.
– Fix: Fancy text slide up effect is not working in the Advanced tab.
– Fix: Advanced carousel dot navigation color option is not working.
– Fix: Dual button getting collapse in expandable section.
– Fix: Carousel loading issue in tabs.
– Fix: Interactive banner-2 title alignment issue.
– Fix: iHover style not working in Internet Explorer. – 11-August-2017
– Fix: Element converting into text-blocks.

3.16.14 – 1-August-2017
– Improvement: Added div, paragraph and span tag options with heading tags for title in modules.
– Improvement: Interactive banner added Title tags option.
– Improvement: iHover – added Title tags option.
– Improvement: Compress plugin images.
– Fix: Timeline issue with the link.
– Fix: Info box alignment issue with icon at right with heading.
– Fix: Dual button font size and line height option not working.
– Fix: Hotspot RTL Compatibility.
– Fix: Just icon tooltip text is not working.
– Fix: Fatal error for redeclaration class in modules.
– Fix: Advanced tabs scroll issue while click on tab.

July 18, 2017 – Version 3.16.13

– Improvement: Optimize all the plugin code.
– Improvement: Provide filters for theme authors to disable enqueing google fonts in front end.
– Fix: Flipbox flip not working on some of the websites.

May 04, 2017 – Version 3.16.12

– Fix: PHP Warning in font manager appearing on front end for some users.

April 11, 2017 – Version 3.16.10

– Fix: Google Fonts Manager loading fonts with http instead of https in the preview.
– Fix: Google Fonts URL returning 404 if the generated URL had duplicate ‘|’ character.
– Fix: JavaScript error on WooCommerce v3.0 product pages.
– Fix: Option disable parallax on mobile not working.
– Fix: Info list aligning besides each other instead of one below other.

March 07, 2017 – Version 3.16.9

– Fix: Token invalid error appearing for some users when activating the license. We apologize for the inconvenience.
– Fix: Dual button icon images not aligned to center.
– Fix: Dual button second button linking to the first buttons link.
– Fix: Dual button first button background size option not working when “Design your own” option is selected.
– Fix: Advanced Tabs causing Javascript errors on pages with anchors with # links.
– Fix: Advanced button “rel” option not working.
– Fix: Some users having issues with appear animations not triggering correctly when the row/element is in the viewport.

MORE/INFO – DEMO: https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-addons-for-visual-composer/6892199

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer V3.16.17 download


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